​​Guardian Alternative Medicine

Some History...

The history of EDS dates from the 1950's with a German doctor named Dr. Reinhold Voll.

Dr. Voll began a study of the effectiveness of accupuncture and its principles. In his attempts to find out just what happens with those acupuncture points, he invented the forerunner of the computerized electro-dermal screening that we use today. Thanks to Dr. Voll's invention we can now see specific high or low in your body and create a program to bring your body back into balance. Dr. Voll originally developed a system of acupuncture point electro-therapeutics, but he soon discovered that when an internal organ's function or structure changes, the performance of the related meridian and acupuncture points also changed, and that this change could be measured using a device. Voll used a device called the Dermatron, but all similar devices can be used for diagnosis and medicine testing. The core of the EDS is an ohm meter designed to deliver approximately 10-12 microamperes of direct electrical current at 1-1.25 volts, a very small and perfectly safe amount of energy. On the majority of the devices the meter is calibrated to read from 0 to 100 such that the standard skin resistance of 100 kilo-ohms reads 50, which is considered in balance. Thus we can decipher how to bring the body back into balance.